Minti Children Designer Dresses

Shop at Littleknotz for upmarket clothing and trendy accessories that stand apart in terms of uniqueness and quality. Buying Minti childrenís designer dresses is the best way to ensure that your kids are stylish and comfortably dressed. Whether you are in search of cute baby clothing or smart toddler designs, Mintiís wide variety of clothes are a must-have for any kidís wardrobe.

Minti clothing label

Minti introduces innovative graphics and prints on deluxe garments to make unique fashion statements. Its success can be attributed to itís highly talented team of designers who match innovative thinking with practical designs. From drape dresses to colourful tees, this brand gives you access to high-quality clothing to suit your varied preferences.

Their cute clothing styles will ensure that your children look and feel good at the same time. Our all-encompassing range will make dressing up a fun experience for your kids. Mix and match different styles to create the perfect look. Our clothing will ensure the utmost in comfort for daily wear and special occasions. When it comes to making a fashion statement, it truly doesnít get better than this! Make your childís dream come true by snapping up pieces from us today!

Worldwide deliveries

Littleknotz ships designer clothing from top quality fashion labels to customers all over the world. Our postage is fast, affordable and secure. For all orders over SG$120 in Singapore, we offer free deliveries.

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Whether you want to purchase childrenís designer dresses or t-shirts, you will find the perfect outfit to complete your little oneís look in our impressive collection. To learn more about our collection, please feel free to contact us by filling out our online enquiry forms and we will respond to your messages as soon as possible.
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Masked Tee (Spearmint)
S$46.00 S$32.00
Ice Cream Tee (White)
S$46.00 S$25.00
Diamond Dragon Tee (White)
S$46.00 S$25.00
Birdman Tee (Spearmint)
S$46.00 S$25.00
Birdman Tee (Black)
S$46.00 S$25.00
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